Who am I?

Hello there, my name is Josh but you probably know me as PINPAL. I am a full time student who curretly resides in the UK. I make websites, apps, logos, jailbreak tweaks, themes and other cool stuff.

How did you get into all this?

I've been making icons and designs for as long as I can remember, I just gradually transitioned from making art on paper to digital graphics.

As for the programming side of things I initially took my first look into programming in my early school years where we were introduced to a drag and drop style of programming. I instantly fell in love and began making projects in my spare time, now here we are.

When will you update HomeGesture?


Why a pineapple?

I know, I know, you really want to know about the pineapple. Unfortunetly I am here to tell you it's really not that interesting.

Once upon a time, a young boy named Josh was creating his first ever account. He was now faced with an almost impossible challenge; to fill the 'username' box without picking a name that was already taken. He searched high and low for a username but to no avail, everything was taken!

But then he noticed a box at the bottom of the screen, "Pay via PayPal". Inspired, he hastily entered "PINPAL" into the box. "Ha bet even that is taken" he thought to himself. Suddenly he realised what he had done. The page began to load. It was too late.

"Thank you. Your account has been created."

I continued to use the username for a long time, people seemed to just interpret it as pineapple so I just went with it. As I began to create a profile around the name that's when I finalized the pineapple branding.

So yes, that is how I became a pineapple.

iOS and Web Developer

iOS Bundle Identifiers

A complete list of the Applications BundleIDs in iOS.

A list designed to assist with creation of iOS themes. Includes common jailbreak apps & settings icons too!

iOS Theme Guide

A beginners guide to creating a theme for SnowBoard or Anemone.

In-depth guide for beginners in getting started with iOS theming.

Shortcuts Homepage

A clean and minimal browser homepage full of shortcuts.

Customisable page for adding shortcuts to your favourite sites.

Repo Viewer

View Sileo/Cydia Repos in a fancy webpage.

Also supports viewing Sileo Depictions - which allows Sileo Depictions in Cydia!


Other Stuff I've created or contributed to.

Jailbreak for iOS 11.0 to 14.4
Home Gesture
iPhone X gestures on Older Devices
Now Hosted on the Dynastic Repo
Bleed Theme
Bold Titles with App Previews
Now Hosted on the Packix Repo
True Art Theme
Joke Theme: Hand Crafted In MSPaint
Now Hosted on the BigBoss Repo
System Wide Weather Tweak. The spiritual successor to Forecast and Meteor.
Better Settings
Complete customization of the settings app: custom color, cells, text and more.
Bluetooth and WiFi under your control. Disable them with ease!
Apex for iOS 11. Zenith lets your create "stacks" of icons on your homescreen.
Customise your buttons with Haptic Feedback and Custom Sounds.
Color My Dock
ColorMyDock lets you change the color of your iOS 11 dock as you like!
Displays battery percentage of any device by double tapping the status bar.
iOS Respring animations from any GIF you want!
Complete Cydia Customisation.
Currently Unreleased!
Allows local SSH access using localhost or
Dark Mode and Color Customisation for Webpages.
Lock apps in the app switcher! Configure in settings, or use a long-hold gesture!
Prevent someone from turning off the device with Touch ID.
Compact Siri Interface. Allows for using Siri without hogging your whole screen!
NPF is a small tweak to customize your Phone app.
The ultimate jailbreak app for controlling the users on your network.
Fluid simulation on your homescreen.
MessageBubbles is a unique notification animation designed for messaging applications.
SafeShutdown aims to help you avoid having to re-jailbreak after your device runs out of battery.
Time Machine for iOS.
AirDrop flooder.
Adds the Do Not Disturb icon under the date.
Introducing Flow, a revolutionary, modern new look for your music player!
Bring iPhone X features and more to devices running iOS 14
Mitsuha Forever
A real-time audio visualizer for now playing music.
Keyboard Plus gives adds a vital keyboard features to your iPhone.
Cask 2
Cask 2 brings animated table scrolling to all tables on iOS. This is based off of the original Cask made by Ryan Petrich.

Jailbreak Repo

iOS Tweaks and Themes on this Repo.